I will design your infographics, presentations and 
e-learning materials 


Why work with me?

I provide more than general graphic design services: 
Due to my BigFour experience, I can help you to build the storyline, do additional research and collect missing data. I know what deadline means and I learned how to collaborate with stakeholders on different levels from associates to CEOs.
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Ilona Hauk

PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations can be much more than a series of boring slides with long bulleted sentences. By clicking through an animated presentation with infographics you can really engage your audience in your webinars or e-learning courses. 
The main advantage of creating animated presentations in PowerPoint is that it is editable not just for the designer but the presenter too. It gives you the freedom to make last-minute changes in the copy and also the ability to set the control of the animation to either ’automated’ or ’on click’. It can be easily converted to a video file, which makes it shareable on SM or easily implemented into e-learning materials.
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Presenting a business idea in a pitch deck 

Please note, that due to confidentiality reasons, I had to delete the original copy and replace it with so-called Lorem Ipsum text.

Visulazing statistical data

You have all the data but don't know how to present it in a fun way? Have a look at this example. I came across some statistical data on the U.S. Travel Association’s Research Catalog's website and built an animated presentation.  

Explaining scientific phenomenon

I spent the day of the Total Solar Eclipse in Charleston and took many pictures on the streets in August 2017. A few months later after making some research on the eclipse, I built a presentation using the photos I took.

Promoting a product

An animated presentation template for a solar panel business. 

Example slides

"The guarantee of high-quality job, perfect alignment of visual elements/graphics and business goals is Ilona herself. We have recently involved Ilona into a project as a freelancer. Her contribution was more than we expected: the graphics she provided helped the powerful expression of my thoughts as a presenter at an event of high importance for our business. I can highly recommend her as a graphic designer!"

Zoltán Örkényi

at PwC Hungary


"Ilona is a real team player with exceptional project/time management skills. With her out-of-the-box mindset and exceptional visualization skills she is always able to transform high-level expectations and initial thoughts into meaningful information in a unique, trade-mark style. I had the opportunity and privilege to work with her on various strategic projects where she had proved her ability to perform consistently."


László Kovács

Head of Group Controlling

Richter Gedeon Plc.

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