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April 5, 2017, was the 25th anniversary of the shootings in Sarajevo of two peace demonstrators, the first casualties in what would be a 1,425-day siege of the Bosnian capital by Bosnian Serb forces. Starting in 1992, the city of Sarajevo, capital of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, came under siege and was subjected to daily shelling and sniper attacks from Serbian forces in and around the city. The siege lasted from April 6, 1992, to February 29, 1996, the longest siege in modern history, a year longer even than the Siege of Leningrad during World War Two. Official figures list more than 12,000 people killed in Sarajevo during the siege, including 643 children.

The photo of the running woman had been taken by Tom Stoddart photographer who was there in Sarajevo recording the atrocities. In the 20’th anniversary, the photographer went back to photograph many of the people he had photographed 20 years ago.


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