PowerPoint presentations can be much more than a series of boring slides with long bulleted sentences.
By clicking through an animated presentation you can really engage your audience. You can also post it as a video on your social media. However, PowerPoint has it's on limitations when it comes to creating more complex animations. In this case, I use PremierPro for editing.

Pitch Deck -
Before and After 

I was given two basic charts and minimal information about a business idea. I was asked to build animated slides for a pitch deck to help to sell this idea. The first half of the video shows the way I built up the story, the second half shows the final animation.  Please note, that due to confidentiality reasons, I had to delete the original copy and replace it with so-called Lorem Ipsum text.


Promotional video edited in PremierPro.

Total Solar Eclipse

I spent the day of the Total Solar Eclipse in Charleston and took many pictures on the streets in August 2017. A few months later after making some research on the eclipse, I built a presentation using the photos I took.

Global Travel Trends

You have all the data but don't know how to present it in a fun way? Have a look at this example. I came across some statistical data on the U.S. Travel Association’s Research Catalog's website and built an animated presentation.  I worked from this pdf:

Solar Panels

I experimented with different effects by building an animated presentation for an imaginary solar panel business. 

Static Version

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